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RPM VIETNAM CO., LTD is the commercial representative in Vietnam of GS oil Korea.

Over the years, RPM VIETNAM CO., LTD has grown stronger and stronger and affirmed its position as a lubricant brand with high quality product lines. All products are 100% imported from Korea: motorcycle oil, ordinary engine oil, high-grade engine oil, industrial oil, multi-purpose grease products, extreme pressure grease and marine oil products has been and is being trusted by many factories, car manufacturing companies, transportation companies and customers.

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Industrial oil
Industrial oil is one of the most frequently used fuels in industry. This oil can be used to lubricate machinery and equipment. In addition, industrial oils are also used to make some additives, antioxidants, etc.
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Engine oil
Engine oil is a lubricating oil whose main component is petroleum (crude oil) combined with many other additives such as anti-corrosion agents (antioxidants), cleaning agents, dispersants, and thread improvers. viscosity number…
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Premium engine oil
Engine oils are designed to lubricate the internal components of an internal combustion engine, as well as protect these parts from corrosion and cool them in service.
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Hydraulic oil
Marine oil has the English name Marine oil has many different names such as: Marine engine oil, marine engine oil... Marine oil is the product of the mixing process between base oil (can be base oil). synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral base oils) with additives
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Most prominent See detail Kixx Compressor S 32 1.365.100 12.785.300  See detail
See detail Kixx Compressor S 46 1.365.100 12.785.300 
See detail Kixx Gear EP 100 1.397.000 13.026.200 
See detail Kixx Gear EP 150 1.508.100 14.129.500 
See detail Kixx Grease 2 284.000 15.400.000 
See detail Kixx Gear EP 320 1.697.300 16.021.500 
See detail Kixx Gear EP 460 1.776.500 16.809.100 
See detail Kixx Gear EP 68 1.381.600 12.867.800 
04 / tháng 05
By: Admin
Kixx Introduces 1L Container Redesign, Featuring 30% Less Plastic and More Durability

From May 2023, Kixx – Korea’s No.1 lubricant provider – will be rolling out a new design for all of its 1L lubricant product containers. The new design increases durability and stability, improves loading efficiency and updates the lineup’s visual style, as well as making significant cuts in the amount of plastic used to make […]

04 / tháng 05
By: Admin
Kixx Hydraulic Fluids – The Perfect Fit for Your Machinery

Hydraulic systems are a crucial part of machinery used in a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture, and marine fields. Hydraulic fluid plays a vital role in these systems, transferring power, dissipating heat, generating sealing film to prevent leakage, providing thorough lubrication, and removing contaminants. Quality hydraulic fluid eliminates the risk of […]

04 / tháng 05
By: Admin
Kixx Launches New Line of Engine Oils to Meet API SP Specification

Kixx, GS Caltex’s lubricant brand, is proud to announce a new line-up of premium engine oil formulated to optimize today’s vehicle engines and meet the latest standards issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API). With better fuel economy and power output, gasoline direct injection (GDI) and turbocharged gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engines have become increasingly […]

23 / tháng 02
By: Admin

In order to express our gratitude to customers in the past year, who have always accompanied KIXX On the occasion of Christmas, RPM Vietnam company organized the event “Christmas with KIXX” with many attractive gifts. The company’s staff The program attracts many customers in the vicinity  

23 / tháng 02
By: Admin

In order for the grand opening , RPM prepares the DEMO event 2 days before the grand opening. For the purpose of promoting the new branch image to customers    

23 / tháng 02
By: Admin
GRAND OPENING (District 9)

Not to let everyone wait any longer, after many days of preparation, RPM Vietnam Company would like to announce the opening of RPM Vietnam Company Branch at 49 Nguyen Xien, Truong Thanh Ward, City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City. The branch of RPM Vietnam company is ready to welcome customers who want to buy […]

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