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Warranty Policy

1. Warranty period
The warranty period is 12 months from the date of official acceptance, depending on the services that customers use.

2. Warranty Policy
2.1| Services include fixing errors on the website RPM VIETNAM builds, excluding handling situations that occur due to environmental errors, natural disasters (fire, flood …). In this case, RPM VIETNAM is responsible for fixing and bringing the customer’s website back to operation in the fastest time.

2.2| During the warranty period, if there is a problem on the hosting server side, within 72 hours at the latest, RPM VIETNAM will put the customer’s website into normal operation.

2.3| RPM VIETNAM will not be responsible for the website warranty when the customer’s username and password for website management is disclosed.

2.4| When customers lose their password or forget their password, RPM VIETNAM will provide free support to find the password again. The latest time is 72 hours from the time the customer informs RPM VIETNAM.

2.5| RPM VIETNAM will support customers with website-related problems during use as well as answer customers’ questions, support customers to repair and restore errors and damage of the website that are not within the scope of its scope. Warranties such as user disclosure of username or password information … These support can be discussed by both parties to charge or not charge depending on each specific case.

2.6| Within the first 30 days since the website is officially operational, RPM VIETNAM will monitor and monitor the entire operation of the website. If any errors are detected, RPM VIETNAM will be responsible for correcting within 48 hours from the date of receiving the information.

2.7| For a serious system failure that disrupts operations, the customer system manager will notify RPM VIETNAM by any means as quickly as possible: 0909 793 361 / 0909 193 361, Email: gsoil.rpm@gmail.com,… RPM VIETNAM will carry out the remedy in a maximum time of 48 hours (except weekends, holidays and Tet).

2.8| For errors or correction requests for convenience, the Customer can notify RPM VIETNAM to jointly negotiate the method and time of settlement.

2.9| Errors in data, errors are manipulated by the system administrator, RPM VIETNAM will support and solve together through 0909 793 361 / 0909 193 361, Email: gsoil.rpm@gmail.com.
Note: During the warranty period, if there are new requirements such as: editing functions for ease of use, modifying the form, interface, etc., depending on the specific level, a fee will be charged through the discussion. silver between the two sides.

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