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Complaint policy

Customer complaint settlement process

General principles
• Customers using RPM VIETNAM’s services are guaranteed their legal rights, according to the agreement in the contract and the provisions of law.
• All inquiries and complaints from customers related to service quality are received and resolved quickly, in the spirit of market demand and goodwill. Maximum processing time within 20 days.
• Statute of limitations for complaints and lawsuits:
– No more than 90 days for service quality issues.
– No more than 30 days for business matters
• The receipt and resolution of customer complaints are recorded and answered in writing. Comply with current laws.

Sequence, settlement procedures
Step 1: Receiving feedback and complaints
When having questions, or complaints about service quality, customers contact RPM VIETNAM through the following forms:
– Directly meet the Customer Care Department at the branches.
– Make a phone call to 0909 793 361 / 0909 193 361
– Send email to the address: gsoil.rpm@gmail.com
– Send Request/Complaint by post: G.02A, Road No. 1, Long Hau Industrial Park, Hamlet 3, Long Hau Commune, Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, Vietnam
– In the email or application, please specify the content of the complaint, complaint, request to be resolved and provide documents and information related to the service and use of the service.
– You can click here to download the “Request for settlement” form for reference

Step 2: Solve
– If the customer contacts to work directly, RPM VIETNAM will make a “Receipt form” – recording the content of the incident, feedback and requests of the customer.
– Immediately after receiving or receiving emails and applications from customers, RPM VIETNAM will conduct verification and check the reflected content. And within 48 hours RPM VIETNAM will have a Reply Letter (if it has been fixed or needs to be exchanged, provided more information …) and/or Invitation sent to customers – to directly work, resolve complaints, reflect.
– In case the matter is complicated, involves many parties, or needs time to verify and fix…, the settlement time will be longer. But no more than 20 days.

Step 3: Second settlement
– If the customer has not / does not agree with the resolution of RPM VIETNAM, we will have a Reply or Letter of Invitation (2nd time) with the hope of reaching an agreement between the two parties.
– If the customer still does not/doesn’t agree with the second resolution of RPM VIETNAM, they can send an Application to the management agency or sue to the Court.

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