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Kixx Introduces 1L Container Redesign, Featuring 30% Less Plastic and More Durability

By: RPM Việt Nam ago 5 months

From May 2023, Kixx – Korea’s No.1 lubricant provider – will be rolling out a new design for all of its 1L lubricant product containers. The new design increases durability and stability, improves loading efficiency and updates the lineup’s visual style, as well as making significant cuts in the amount of plastic used to make each container, thereby boosting the sustainability of their manufacture.

The new design cuts the amount of plastic used in each container by 30%. This reduction in plastic also reduces the overall weight of each individual bottle of 1L lubricant by 30%. Despite this decreased weight, the durability and stability of the new containers has actually been improved, with a refined structure that reduces impact damage and prevents collapse. On top of this, the load efficiency of containers was taken into consideration during the redesign, resulting in an even more consolidated container shape allowing for simpler loading, safer transport and more economical delivery.

The new change in design expresses the dynamism of the Kixx brand, opting for a more minimal look than previous designs and taking visual inspiration from GS Tower. Located in the business district of Yeoksam-dong in Gangnam, Seoul, this GS Caltex landmark’s distinctive structure was emphasized in the new redesign. Kixx has also used the opportunity of a visual overhaul to simplify its color scheme. By updating the existing color scheme – which currently consists of seven colors – the new, more minimal two-color range of black and silver will unify the lineup, providing a consistency that is both more readable and more characteristic.

Along with the 1L redesign, Kixx is making the same modifications to its 0.8L motorcycle oil containers, and intends to eventually expand the redesign to cover the 3-6L containers for its entire lineup. Beyond this, Kixx aims to incorporate more recycled plastic into the material of its containers in the future by using mechanical recycling (MR) processes, which use less energy and produce less CO2 than chemical recycling. Alongside the decreased quantity of plastic used in each container, these processes aim to enhance the sustainability of the production of Kixx containers.

The new, wide-reaching revamp of Kixx’s lubricant containers makes them more striking, more transportable and more durable, all while enhancing the consistency of its brand image and making their manufacture more sustainable. The redesign symbolizes Kixx’s commitment to constant quality improvement and to prioritizing customer value. As the new designs roll out across different container types, Kixx will continue to strive to provide its lubricant products to more consumers all around the world.

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